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The G.O.A.T.S

The best podcast I watch it on YouTube every day and every night !

Oh Man

These podcasts are HILARIOUS. This chick said if she take her kewchie juice and dab it on her neck she might get mauled by a bald eagle. 😂😂😂. I’m glad my good friend recommended this show. Keep up the great work

I love you guys

Ms. Pat you da BOMB!

My new favorite podcast

Listening to you guys uplifts my spirit. Love you Pat!

Thank you.

Ms. Pat, I love you. You’re one of my favorite comedians. I love your content, it’s raw, and it all hits home. You teach a lot of lessons, one of them mainly being to always love ourselves no matter what we went through in our lives. Episode 3 of season 2 was one of my favorites. You demonstrated to your younger self that she is beautiful and a blessing no matter what she went through. As a man I’m trying to love myself as well. We all have a story. Thank you for being raw, authentic, and a clear representation of never giving up. You have a fan for life, straight up.

Why I look forward to tuesdays

I freakin adore ms Pat true fan of hers!! Love how authentic and true to herself she is unapologetic. Not to mention I binge watched both seasons of her new series. She’s completely open to sharing her story with others & owns it! This podcast is the only reason I have a podcast app even installed in my phone lol as someone who struggles w depression all the time, I must say, this podcast has helped me cope & brought laughter back into my life. Thank you!!! Keep up the great work guys!! Sending love n positive energy to yal from Dallas Tx.


Now let me tell y’all, I’ve been listening to the pat down since it came out. But Last night I went to her comedy show in DC. And when I say she put on a show! BABY! I got there and hour late and she was still at it. She stayed behind to sign shirts and take pictures! She is real Kool, down to earth and I consider myself lucky I was able to have that moment with her! Thanks for all you do Ms Pat. And congrats on your success!

Much love!!!!

I learn as much as I laugh!

Newest episode

Absolutely love when Garianna is on!!! I love her point of view!!!

Momma Pat

This lady has saved my life and has given me so many things to look forward to in life. She makes everything funny but also gives you some real advice while doing so. If you haven’t gotten her book go get it and read it. It will give you a whole new look on life and also join her Patreon…. Momma Pat I cannot thank you enough for saving me. You mean a lot to me. I love you and if nobody else does , know that I always gotcha back.

Love Ms. Pat

Absolutely love her authenticity. Wish her cohosts matched her vibe a little better and were also funny. Other than that so happy for her success!!

Party with Ms. Pat

*Fingers crossed

Too short

I know pat is busy, but these episodes are getting way too short. Too many commercials and not enough content.

Love Ms. Pat

I just finished EVERY episode from the beginning. I love the Pat down! Congratulations on all the success you guys!! 💛💛

Mind Ya Own

I agree with Mrs. Pat we need to my our own business. Love this podcast BTW!!

The Auntie every family needs!!

I love this podcast. Funny and politically incorrect. The way it should be. No sugar coated nonsense

Out of hand funny :0 :0 :0 ! ! !

Ms. Pat’s and her crew’s intelligent, thought provoking, hilarious, non-PC podcast is outstanding. If you dig comedy and straight funny talk, better recognize.


Thank you for the all laughter you all give me! The best podcast ever.


Please invite me Ms. Pat. I’ll even do the breakfast!! ❤️❤️❤️

So Funny It Hurts!

I listen to this podcast when I am working and my stomach hurts and my eyes are tearing up from laughing so much. Not sure any work is getting done but my day is much more fun with Ms. Pat. She-larious! The whole cast is super fun and their bantering is very funny. Ms. Pat…you have a lesbian daughter and you go to Chick-fil-A? Don’t support that hateful company. The food ain’t that great.


You joke, you play, you educate!

Funny and will hit the heavy topics

I wish we had more of this open conversation

Love Ms Pat, Chris, and Deon

One of the best podcasts out there. They cover serious topics and continually find a way to keep it funny. Ms Pat is too good for this world.


I love y’all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Didn’t even know!

I’m glad I found it! Love it! Ms. Pat is my favorite! I like her co-host especially her daughter. It’s like they having regular everyday conversations.


She’s that b*tch

Great comedian

If you ever need a good laugh Mrs pat has you covered!!!! She tries to unite everyone through laughter.

Love Her

I absolutely love Ms Pat! My husband and I watched the whole season in one day lol. My niece put me on Ms Pat! I love the fact that she have NO filter!!


I love The Patdown! Great chemistry and conversations!


I love Ms Pat’s stories and the way she butchers certain words. I laugh hysterically every week. She is such an inspiration. Despite all the horrible things she experienced earlier in life, she has persevered and excelled. ❤️