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Great podcast! You guys make me laugh!

In tears every episode

Thanks for brightening up my days Ms. Pat

Ep 116

I am dead. 😂


Out loud belly laughs with tears best one yet thank you T


Love the podcast but we miss GloryAna can u put her on more Mrs. Pat Me and my girlfriend love u and want to know when you and GloryAna are coming to Nashville? Lol 😂 Is GloryAna coming to Nashville with you? Love your biggest fan Corina. C u on the 9th

Good fun

Ms. Pat is hilarious! Great stories and unique perspectives. She and co-hosts hold each other accountable for everything they do/say making for some organic comedy - no bits. The realness is palpable.

Love it this

Ms Pat, can you put your book, Rabbit, in audible in your own voice please.


I saw Pat live in SLC and she was my favorite comedian to date. She always makes me laugh, was so happy when I found out she had a podcast. If you want to laugh, I would give this podcast a try!

Can’t stop laughing

It’s one of the most entertaining podcasts out. The chemistry between the hosts are amazing. Ms. Pat brings authentic takes on every subject. She’s just amazing!


Have been listening since she was on JRE. Ms pay will have you laughing the entire show but they also have serious conversations. Must listen!

Radio auntieee ❤️

I love the show so much Pat, it’s like waking up to ya auntie shouting obscenities at you at 8am cause you been sleeping too long. you make our day love ya

Absolute favorite podcast

Ms. Pat is everything I didn’t know I needed in life!! This podcast gives me endless joy and laughs. Although I can’t relate to most the things Ms. Pat talks about I always feel like I’m just a part of a big family. No other podcasts brings me so much joy and entertainment. Thanks for the endless j…

Crack babies

We love you

Ms. Pat is the Noam Chomsky of Black comedy

Not just Black as in for the Black people but she has a silver tongue to turn the darkest subject matters into comedic insights about humanity.


Ms Pat is the best. Please get rid of whiteboy chris tho


Ms. Pat is one of the most naturally hilarious people on earth. Listen to this podcast

My morning motivation

I I used to wake up and listen to motivating podcast. Now I wake up and listen to the pat down. It’s encouraging , funny and real life. She reminds me of people I know and keeps it real .

Greatest PodCast Ever

I always look forward to a Tuesday if I get to listen to my favorite three people. This podcast is made up of three people who have different views of the world we all share. Its uplifted even when the topics are heavy. After hearing Ms. Pats journey I have a greater understanding of the minor inco…

Nothing else makes me laugh like this!

The chemistry between these three is endearing and it makes the podcast even funnier. They are a unique trio of friends sharing personal stories and commenting on what’s happening in our world in a relatable hilarious way. This podcast got me through 2020. It’s one bright spot in my day and I 100% …


Ms. Pat is literally one of the funniest comedians and it is so effortless.

I have been laughing for weeks

Ms Pat has always been one of my favorite comediennes. She will literally say anything and Chris, Deon, and Garyanna have to constantly fit it. I never know what the topic is but I know I will laugh. I can’t wait until she does stand up or a live show in Atlanta.

My #1 Podcast

I look forward to new episodes every week and have really enjoyed seeing Ms Pat’s growth over the years. She is extremely talented and obviously very strategic in everything she does (ex: having Chris and Deon) as co-hosts. A must listen for sure.

Black panther party walks into capitol building

The black panther party walked into the capitol on may 2 1967 I am not racist at all and I am in the middle on a lot of topics however please do not say black people have never been inside the capitol building because that is not true. Please be sure to do more research before saying certain things…

Awesome pod!

Awesome pod!


I discovered this podcast over the summer and I was HOOKED. Ma. Pat is so funny and her story is one of resilience. This podcast is timeless, i.e. I binge listen to this show almost everyday because it’s THAT HILARIOUS🤣🤣🤣 This show is like comfort food, puts you in a good mood. I can’t wait for The…

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you so much for always making this podcast worth the weekly wait!!! This weeks was so powerful and meaning to our souls. Thank you Ms. Pat for sharing the real stuff!!! Thank you Ms. Pat, Deon, and Chris!

Where Speech Remains Free

Been listening to this pod since Day 1, and I love the unflinching talks about race, social issues, family ups and downs and whether or not it’s appropriate to have a baby fetus in a closet for 20 years. Quality conversation.

Guaranteed cackling

I cackle, holler and Pee myself (just a little) every episode. It’s so gd funny!! Ms.Pat cured my quarantine blues!! I love her and will do anything for her including downloading a new app to rate, review and subscribe or go to hobby lobby. Patdown crackbabies street team for life!

Love Miss Pat

Funniest podcast out there! Miss Pat will make you laugh so hard you’ll spit out your drink. She’s honest and stays true to herself. She’s a hilarious comic with the best stories! I promise you’ll die laughing money back guarantee!



Most Authentic and Funniest Podcast Ever!

I look forward to the Patdown every single Tuesday! Ms. Pat , Deon and Chris are so funny and authentic. It’s like hanging out with your friends and laughing till you can’t breathe! That’s the best feeling in the world.


Ms. Pat, Deon, and White Boy Chris have excellent chemistry and they are hilarious. I love listening to The Patdown and now I love watching the videos on YouTube. Keep it up, guys! Garianna rules too! Updated 12-8-2020: I love this podcast even more! Ms. Pat’s whole family rules!!!

The Funniest Sh*t I’ve Ever Heard On A Podcast

Listening to Ms. Pat is like listening to one of my aunts talk trash all day. Her stories are amazingly funny. Deon and Chris compliment Ms. Pat very well. I absolutely love when Ms. Pat starts roasting defenseless Deon or Chris.

What More Can I Saaaaaay?!!!

I absolutely love this Podcast!! I listen to an episode everyday. It keeps me laughing and hopeful that no matter what I’m going through things will get better. I dare to believe in myself and dreams because of you!!

Thank you

Your podcast is so dope. I live in Plainfield so everything you talk about I can really relate to 😂Thank you for keeping my 3rd shift job enjoyable.

Love this show

Ms. Pat is a national treasure!

King Smellgood

I first heard Ms. Pat on The Breakfast Club and I’m glad I did Ms. Pat is hilarious and the realist best podcast ever can’t wait to see her on person

Love this show.

This show has me cracking up every week. Love Ms Pat’s comedy.

Learn something new

I always learn things about myself when I listen to Ms. Pat. This is an amazing podcast! Thanks, Ms. Pat!

My favorite podcast

This podcast is not only funny and entertaining, it is educational. Ms. Pat, Deon, and Chris have found the perfect balance and broach subjects that need to be debated and discussed in today’s America.


Favorite podcast to wake up too on Tuesday mornings. Ms. Pat, Deon, and White Boy Chris have good conversation.

Nothing but the ugly, classy at the same time!

Been listening to this podcast since the first episode. Countless times has this podcast made me look like a fool cracking up while I drive. People probably think I’m insane. I tell people about this podcast all the time. Keep it up.

I love Ms. pat!!!

AMAZING AF!!! I’m here for this...forever!

The *best* podcast!

Ms. Pat, along with Chris and Deon (and appearances by her family) are hysterical! Once I discovered this podcast, I flew through every single episode and literally cannot wait for new episodes on Tuesdays!! As an added bonus, some episodes have video on YouTube! This is a MUST listen and watch!! W…

This is GOLD!

Honest and unfiltered. And soooo funny. We are lucky to have this podcast.❤️

Best comedy podcast ever

Hilarious, hands down my favorite podcast. Ms. Pat, Deon and White Boy Chris are hysterical. Makes me laugh out loud


My favorite podcast!


Great podcast!!! Spangles the best!!!!

Keep them coming!!

I love this show!! My favorite part of Tuesdays are the Patdown!


It's really great.

Good job

Keep it going


This podcast is HILARIOUS! Always a good time in every episode!!

I love all of them!!

I love all of them!! They kept my head up during this covid misery!!


Ms. Pat talks all things from personal to non personal and it all is hilarious and she laughs at everything which makes it soooooooo good and soooo genuine. She’s one to watch and listen to!!! I would recommend this to everyone... I clouding my grandma 😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

My Fave

I look forward to Tuesday morning because of this podcast. Even when I don’t expect to laugh I end up laughing. Ms. Pat is like that funny outspoken Aunt we all miss.


Some funny stuff. Like the old stories


The funniest comedian out there!

Tuesday mornings are my favorite

I actually look forward to waking up on Tuesday and having a new episode to listen to on my commute. Hilarious.

Pat down with Ms. pat

There needs to be more Ms. pats in this world. Only pod cast I listen too!

Hilarious podcast!

The dynamic on this show is so good and everyone is funny. Ms Pat is hilarious and I can’t get enough of her!

Best Podcast ever

Best Podcast ever .. she needs a comedy special .. she needs a tv show .. she needs a Vegas residency. She need a comedy tour she needs a radio show .: she needs scholarships for all the crack babies she raising she needs Home Depot, hobby lobby, Lowe’s endorsement. She need to come to Jackson , Ms…

Best Podcast Ever!

I listened to her bit on getting shot on a Comedy Central YT video. I immediately looked Ms. Pat up and found this podcast. Ms. Pat, thank you for making me laugh so much I almost peed while on a run today. I started from the first episode and can’t stop listening! Can’t wait till I can see a live …

I love Ms. Pat

This podcast never fails to be entertaining. I love hearing Ms. Pat and the crew’s perspective on everyday life issues. This podcast has the power to bring people together in a fun and light hearted way. Plus you’ll learn to speak Ms. Pat; definitely not safe for work or little ears.

Telling her truth

I never write reviews, but I need Ms. Pat to extend this podcast to an hr. Loved your book! I’m was super excited to see you in NYC!! Please make these podcast longer!!!!

Love this podcast!

Super funny and entertaining. Look forward to new episodes every Tuesday!

I was a fan of Ms Pat

Now I’m a AC. Congratulations on your new show


Be careful when you are driving listening to this amazing podcast! So far, I have had to pull over 3 times listening to it!!! Great chemistry! Funny and it’ll get you thinking! Love it!!

Favorite podcast

Absolutely hilarious! Great dynamics and flow between hosts


This is one of the few podcasts that always have me laughing hysterically. I love Ms Pat’s stories because they are insane. She is also an inspiration because despite all the horrible things she experienced earlier in life, she has transcended to become what she is today. What I did find surpr…


I love Ms. Pat, Deon and White boi Chris there chemistry with each other is exactly what makes this podcast so unique, whenever they pick on each other you know it’s all love

A side of life I did not know about

I am thankful for this pod, and I can't get enough of it. Ms. Pat is amazing!

Garage Door/ Chinese Food Bit 20 Stars

Thank you all! That was one of the funniest bits that I have ever heard in my life. Absolutely. You all continue to be so warm and welcoming- I appreciate it immensely.

Love this podcast

I love listening to Ms Pat and crew! Hilarious stories! Love the way she can joke about her life, shows how she has forgiven and moved on with her life. Makes my walk time go by faster. Keep up the good work!

Covid War

I love your show!!!! I even have my husband listening. You had already been to Baltimore by the time I was hooked. I live in DC but that was the closet city.I can’t wait until this Covid 19 war is over so we can come to your show. Please tell Chris ,Dione ,and the family we said hello. Keep being…

Makes a cross-cuntry road trip hilarious

We are driving from Florida to Washington and have been listening to all the old episodes. Ms. Pat, Deon, white boy Chris, Garyana...all these fools have us cracking up the entire way. We are talking hours of laughs in some of the most boring flyover areas you can imagine. What are you waiting for?…

Republican guy


Always Funny

No matter the topic, it always brings some laughs. One of my favorite podcasts and the time goes by fast. Love Ms. Pat!

Funny and deep

Love the podcast - all three are authentic, have differing opinions and hit on important current events and topics. They are also hilarious. It’s hard to believe how far Ms Pat has come from her childhood. But she is warm, successful and very entertaining. Deon and Chris are great and play off he…

Too funny!

I listen to podcasts to go to sleep. They play all night. I wake up a few times. Occasionally hit a funny part, laugh so hard the bed shakes! Wakes up DH. He’s not amused. Sorry!

F*ck!ng hilarious

You will laugh until you have tears in your eyes. Ms. Pat is a force.

Love it

Ms Pat I’m a black woman 37 born in and raised in Indiana.... I’ve been in Indianapolis since 95 ... the hate was open when we got here... now they semi hide it but I love all views you all give ❤️❤️❤️

Greatest Pod Cast.

Ms Pat, i love your podcast. Please please please keep your brother on there. And most important, add him to the payroll, that would be amazing. I think he would be a great talent add to your empire. Let Kevin heart know you’re coming up. Lol lol lol

Episode 66

Love this episode. Just FYI Fahim anwar is afghani.

I love Ms. Pat!

I’ve literally listened to this show since Ms Pat had the interview with the Breakfast Club saying the show was starting. I’m literally on the end of my seat each week waiting for a new episode. Ms. Pat, you are who we needed in a podcast!


Episode 66 was amazing. Not because Chris was being talked to, but because the Dialogue was amazing. #ITSWHATSNEEDED

Best podcast and honest ever

Omg best podcast listened to every single podcast in 3 days

Best Podcast EVER !!!!

Ms. Pat, Chris and Deon keep me laughing ALL DAY 😂😂💯 Listening to this podcast really brightens my day 🤗, Keep up the good work y’all 👏🏾❤️❤️❤️

Great podcast

One of most honest funniest comedians I have ever seen. Laugh out loud when I’m driving alone and people driving beside me think I’m crazy. 7/15/2020 - episodes getting better and better. The chemistry between Ms. Pat, Deon , and Chris is perfect. My favorite podcast by far. Also Ms Pats family sp…

Ms pat

For the last 4 weeks I have to here about BLM while MS. Pat calls the language that Mexicans speak as speaking “Mexican” I also find dion incredibly retarded And the stay puff marshmallow you call Chris is alright I guess when stays away from politics keep it up Ms Pat

Epic Podcast !!!!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

This Podcast is all that & more !!!!!! Ms Pat deserves this !!!!!!! Been a fan since the very beginning ..!!!! This podcast is the perfect balance of funny and educational & they arent afraid to really have the REAL conversations that needs to be held.. Ms. Pat, Chris & Dion are my new favs..


They are amazing, informative, & hilarious all in one! There’s nothing like Ms. Pat & her crew on any platform!!

Tuesdays are my favorite days

If you aren’t listening to this podcast, you should be! Ms. Pat, Chris, Deon, and Ms. Pat’s family are hilarious! Make me look forward to Tuesday mornings!

Lastest episode

By far the funniest yet . Literally had my stomach hurting from laughing so much . I see deon getting a little money now got him some fancy glasses.


Another great one was funny as a motha


Never fails to get a laugh out of me, reminds me of being with my family 💕

Your Missing Out

If you have yet to subscribe to The Patdown than your waisting your time with other water down material. Ms. Pat says what we all think but to closed to. Every episode is a laugh and provides a new outlook!

My favorite podcast

As a white b!**h I LOVE this podcast. Lol Perfect mix of comedy and real world issues. Ms Pat and her cohosts are hilarious!

Ms Pat please adopt me

Just found this pod. Ms Pat is mind blowing funny. The last ep on the G Floyd was the best discussion I’ve heard about GF. My adoption papers are ready.